For this Venezuelan, born in Caracas on October 27, 1980 and oriental at heart, her current designs are a consequence of the imagination of a woman influenced by cultures and her taste for fashion, a native vocation that she expressed in her first sketches when she was still a girl who played «being a grown up».

At 16, when she finished High School, she asked her father to allow her to go to study fashion in Italy, but the conditions for her young age were not given to be far from her family.

She studied two careers: Business Administration and Foreign Trade, but nothing made her as happy as being connected to fashion.

She traveled frequently to Italy, where she did training in small courses to gradually improve her passion.

Married at age 20 and with a son at age 25, she decides to make a pause pause to dedicate herself 100% to being a mother and supporting her son in the world of sports as a Karting rider.

In 2003 she made two very particular pieces that aroused curiosity in her surroundings, leading to turn her designs into objects of great desire by women who enjoy being in trend. Her passion for design and fashion made her open her eyes in search of a wider field. Her city had fallen short to meet her high expectations and talent to develop. That is how she decided to return to Caracas, where she developed as a model and acquired comprehensive knowledge in fashion.

Since then, Shatrin set the tone in the design of handmade swimsuits, with a unique style that has managed to impose a vision of elegance and boldness, materializing, together with its appliques in rhinestones and embroidery, the feeling of a woman who is willing to steal all the looks.

Shatrin has managed to cross borders, arriving in the United States presenting pieces worked with fine Italian, American and Colombian fabrics; She also participated in international fashion festivals such as Miami Fashion Week with two particular pieces for breast cancer and has been part of fashion editorials representing Venezuela.

In 2014 she had the opportunity to be the designer of the swimsuits and casual suits of the Miss Bolivar contest in Venezuela, also for Miss Tourism contest among others.
Always supporting a good cause, Shatrin Alcedo participates in 2011 and 2014 in VENEZUELA SE VISTE DE MODA in benefit of children with Down Syndrome.

15 years later, she decides to flourish and return with more soul and more desire than ever: In December 2019, merging art, sensuality and elegance, the designer Shatrin Alcedo reinvents and relaunches her SHA by Shatrin brand betting on new creations that seek to highlight versatility between cultures and the prominent curves of Venezuelan women.

OMA SS20, is the name of her latest collection presented by the creative whose pieces are designed and made with an artistic touch of the seal to set the tone. The textile businesswoman merged with the Venezuelan plastic artist Sydia Reyes, to make flannels that intend to leave the art embodied in them.

But that is not the only collaboration because, the emerging designer Valentina Díaz, joins the collection with SHA by Brunetta, with tops and overalls for the line of swimsuits, which aim to highlight the figure of the Latin woman.

"fashion is even more beautiful
when you manage to create a positive environmental impact."

Experience has shown that a truly sustainable company has environmental and social goals at the core of its mission, which is why, among Sha’s new projects, it is intended to venture into sustainable fashion, through the use of PET fabrics, made with plastic bottles. She considers that «fashion is even more beautiful when you manage to create a low environmental impact.».

In addition, Shatrin is still betting on Venezuela, so he also plans to create a fashion and art institute in Lechería, in the east of the country.

Constant training is important to achieve each step and, that is why, the designer, together with Fashion Experience, participated in the backstage of the New York Fashion Week 2020, to live closely the experience of being part of one of the parades most important in the world, always learning from the best.

Shatrin Alcedo intends to do something positive to try to leave the world a little better, which is why she was invited in July 2020 for the Women’s World Economic Forum. This organization seeks to show how, through the work of women and their talents and initiatives, there is an economic development in different countries and how these projects can help us connect, work in sorority or sisterhood and support each other to make dreams come true without competition or rivalry, only sisterhood.